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Get Robin Williams Movie Jack Background. Williams plays the role of jack powell, a boy who ages four times faster than normal as a result of werner syndrome, a form of progeria. Quotes [jack, 18 years old but looking 72, arrives at his graduation.

Jack, 1996 | Jack movie, Stand up comedy, Robin williams
Jack, 1996 | Jack movie, Stand up comedy, Robin williams from

While somewhat of an oddball choice for coppola, known especially for the godfather trilogy, this material is rather characteristic for williams in this period of his career. It holds a 17% rotten rating on rotten tomatoes. Four boys lurk outside his house, swapping rumors of a monstrosity of a boy their age who can't go to school.

Jack is directed by francis ford coppola and stars robin williams in the title role of a boy who ages at four times the natural rate.

The film begins with karen powell (diane lane) going into labor at a halloween party and being rushed to the hospital by her husband, brian (brian kerwin), and their friends. Though jack ages rapidly physically, he is mentally. See full list on Although the delivery is successful, the baby is premature, born after only ten weeks of pregnancy, and is diagnosed with an exaggerated form of werner syndrome (an aging disease) as stated by dr.