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Get Matildas Parents Background. Miss trunchbull is accused of murdering miss honey's father, magnus at the end of the movie. Miss trunchbull puts matilda inside a closet with a couple torture machines inside.

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How old was matilda when she started to speak? This was a point that i totally didn't understand growing up, probably because i didn't. She could speak perfectly, even better than most grown ups, by the age of one and a half.

The trunchbull, who tends to speculate with no backup evidence, accuses matilda of running out and tipping the glass over when she wasn't moving.

They pay so little attention. At home, matilda practices using her powers with a cigar, learning fine control of her abilities. In the musical, she has a strong sense of justice and believes in taking action. A room called the chokey is a room with a foul smell with glass and nails in which students are put into as punishment.