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28+ 2032 Olympics Location Pictures. Jul 13, 2021 · location: Today queenslanders will learn if the city will officially host the games, with the ioc set to cast their vote on the bid this evening.

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23 hours ago · brisbane has been officially selected to host the 2032 olympics, marking the games’ return to australia 32 years after the 2000 sydney olympics. The olympics next held in australia will mark the third time the country has hosted. Australia has a long history of hosting the summer olympics with the 2000 olympic games in sydney and the 1956 games being held in melbourne, two australian cities that are larger than brisbane.

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Jul 13, 2021 · location: 1 day ago · president of the international olympic committee thomas bach announces brisbane as the 2032 summer olympics host city during the 138th ioc session at hotel okura in tokyo, wednesday, july 21, 2021. It's proposed a brisbane olympics would run from 23 july to 8 august in 2032. The winning bid, expected to be brisbane due to a lack of bids, is scheduled to be selected and announced by the international olympic committee on 21 july 2021, the eve of the 2020 summer olympics due to bidding rule changes.