What constellations? - sky & telescope, In 1930, the international astronomical union divided the sky into 88 constellations, boundaries on the sky named after a classical star pattern.. Asterisms winter nights - sky & telescope, Asterisms, the bright pieces and parts of constellations, make perfect guides to lesser known stars and groups.. Astronomy kids - constellations, Andromeda one of the most impressive sights in the winter sky, andromeda appears high overhead during november and december. in addition to being easy to find, this.

The 88 star constellations night sky, List star constellations facts, location, viewing times.. http://www.go-astronomy.com/constellations.htm Constellations - digital images sky, Wide angle images: -sky fisheye images; constellations, visual; winter hexagon; winter constellations southern horizon including orion, lepus. http://www.allthesky.com/constellations/const.html Eyes sky > star charts > autumn constellations, A note latitude: sky charts assume observer 40 degrees north latitude; world' population lives 20 degrees 40 degrees. http://www.eyesonthesky.com/StarCharts/AutumnConstellations.aspx