Things notice june solstice | tonight | earthsky, Each solstice marks a “turning” of the year. even as this northern summer begins with the solstice, throughout the world the solstice also represents a “turning. Solstice arrives december 21 | astronomy essentials | earthsky, December solstice 2017 arrives on december 21 at 16:28 utc. high summer for the southern hemisphere. for the northern hemisphere, the return of more sunlight!. Name constellations workbook -, - 3 - constellations and the world’s cultures many cultures have identified star patterns, but rarely do these patterns correspond to those of other cultures..

Star constellations - facts constellations, There 88 official constellations recognized international astronomical union. constellations visible northern hemisphere. Astronomy kids - constellations, Constellations asterisms constellations important part human society folklore humans lived caves, , , .. Asd planetarium: reasons seasons, Changing seasons, changing sun: energy sun summer. heats . receive energy sun winter .