January birthstone color ~ birthstone january?, The january birthstone color of garnet comes in an array of different colors; green, pink, purple, brown, orange, yellow, and various shades of red. the most common garnet color is a reddish-brown. different types of garnet are found in different locations.. 4 choices january birthstone – kamayo jewelry, This birthstone of january is prized mostly for its color, the verdant green. when beryl occurs in a color beside green, the gemstone would be called by a different name — aquamarine when blue, for instance, and heliodor when yellow — and the stone would be accordingly less expensive.. January birthstone - birthdaygems.org, January birthstone! check out this site providing facts and information about the january birthstone. the properties, description and color of the january birthstone..

June birthstones - american gem society, American gem society jewelry spectrum price points color options, people june birthdays ’ preferred june birthstone,. http://www.americangemsociety.org/page/junebirthstones January birthstone - garnet - bernardine, Garnet - january birthstone, types, colors descriptions, jewelry.,. http://www.bernardine.com/birthstone/garnet.htm Birthstones month ~ birthstone colors ~ birthstone chart, Garnet birthstone january. popular color garnet reddish-brown, colors purple, pink, violet, green. https://jewelryinfoplace.com/birthstones/