Heavy gear - wikipedia, Heavy gear is a game universe published since 1994 by canadian publisher dream pod 9. it includes a tabletop tactical wargame, a role-playing game and a lesser known. Mindjammer – roleplaying game – mindjammer press, Transhuman science-fiction roleplaying in the far future β€œit is the second age of space. the light of human civilisation, which had flickered and threatened to die. Humans - paizo, Humans. humans possess exceptional drive and a great capacity to endure and expand, and as such are currently the dominant race in the world. their empires and.

Gurps: generic universal roleplaying system, The official steve jackson games page gurps. features news upcoming releases, links massive sj games library online resources.. http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/ Pbe games: home, Pbe games: dice rollers, random generators rpgs, cardbot, rpg content. http://www.pbegames.com/ Bell lost souls - page 3 1277 - tabletop, rpg, Tabletop, rpg, boardgames & miniatures news rumors. warhammer 40k, dungeons & dragons !. http://www.belloflostsouls.net/page/3