How donald trump ‘ america great , “make america great again.” the four words that would help propel donald trump to the white house were an inspiration born years before, when hardly anyone but. Donald trump trademarks ' america great ' - oct, Donald trump is cracking down on other people selling 'make america great again' hats and shirts. he has actually trademarked the phrase.. How trump slogan ' america great, Donald trump came up with his slogan 'make america great again' the day after mitt romney lost to president barack obama in 2012..

' america great ' hats halloween, Trump greets supporters holding ' america great ' hat ubiquitous campaign. photo drew angerer/getty images. Make america great | huffpost, Jimmy kimmel issues psa angry trump fans planning burn maga hats. Angry -wingers turn trump, burn ', Angry -wingers turn trump, burn ' america great ' hats ' burning mad..