Trs-80 color computer - wikipedia, The radioshack trs-80 color computer (also marketed as the tandy color computer and affectionately nicknamed coco) is a line of home computers based on the motorola. Tandy radio shack trs80 color computer coco 2 multi-pak, I tested it with a coco 2, including with a disk drive controller in slot 4, and it seems to work perfectly. it also seemed to work ok with a coco 3 with disk drive. Trs-80 manuals: hardware manuals – part 3 | ira goldklang, Trs-80 revived site is an archive of everything related to the tandy radio shack trs-80 microcomputer lines. site contains emulators, programs, manuals, books.

Multi-pak interface - trs-80 color computer archive, Multi-pak rnterface service manual -----trs-80 • -----ther~ mounting screws connect top bottom covers multi-pak interface.. Multi-pak interface owners manual (tandy).pdf - trs-80, Multi-pak interface owners manual (tandy).pdf - trs-80 color read interface, owners, manual colorcomputerarchive... Trs-80 multi-pak interface owners manual (26-3024), Title: trs-80 multi-pak interface owners manual (26-3024) author: tandy corp subject: coco created date: 7/14/2004 1:55:05 pm.