Rainforest food chain: top predators, The rain forest’s food chain the relationships among species in an ecosystem have often been described as a “food chain” in which the larger animals eat the. 10 interesting facts tropical rainforest biome, 10 interesting facts about the tropical rainforest biome by amanda rooney; updated april 24, 2017. Mbgnet, Descriptions and images of the biomes of the world, freshwater ecosystems, and marine ecosystems. from the missouri botanical garden..

Food web - tropical rainforest biome, Producers: strangler fig, coconut trees, banana trees, bamboo trees, primary consumers: macaws, monkeys, fruit bats, grasshoppers secondary consumers: vampire bats. http://tropicalrainforestscience10.weebly.com/food-web.html How tropical rainforest food chain works - bright hub, Learn tropical rainforest food chain, plants bacteria top food chain. understand living organism finds ways means. http://www.brighthub.com/environment/science-environmental/articles/123357.aspx Pollution effects • environmental pollution, Pollution pristine ecuador rainforest texaco / chevron oil corporation represents outrageous cases oil pollution .. http://www.tropical-rainforest-animals.com/pollution-effects.html