Transformations coordinates - helpingwithmath., Guidance on how transformations (rotations, reflections, translations) can be represented by their cartesian coordinates.. Geometry - transformations - kidsmathgamesonline., Transformation game for kids. check out this excellent transformation game for kids. learn about reflection, rotation and translation by completing a number of fun. 5. signs trigonometric functions - intmath, This section explains trig ratios for angles greater than 90 degrees. also contains an interactive graph applet..

Interactivate: transmographer - shodor, Transmographer: explore world translations, reflections, rotations cartesian coordinate system transforming squares, triangles parallelograms.. Cartesian coordinates - math fun, Cartesian coordinates. cartesian coordinates pinpoint map graph. cartesian coordinates. cartesian coordinates mark . Analytic geometry - wikipedia, In classical mathematics, analytic geometry, coordinate geometry, cartesian geometry, study geometry coordinate system..