References letters - businessballs, Date. to whom it may concern, i confirm that (name) is/was employed as (position) with this organisation from (date) to (date/the present day), and was/is paid. To concern - icemenbasketball., To whom it may concern: this letter is a personal reference for coach todd malecki, and his icemen basketball program. i have known todd for about fifteen years.. To concern - air india, To whom it may concern i ( parent name ) , resident at ( current address ) , hereby declare and affirm ; that ( child name ) is my natural born son or daughter.

To whomsoever concern sample letter | hr letter formats, Sample address proof letter format date joining. address proofs essential part identity. needed times life.. To concern letter format - buzzle, Writing letter task. format concern letter article enable write . To concern | letter salutation - balance, " concern" letter salutation contact person. ' , capitalize , alternatives..