Mitten: kid- christmas ornament - adventure box, I adore jan brett’s the mitten – great choice!! so many mitten extension activities to do with it too. love these liska! reply. Mrs. jones - sing : mitten snow song, Tune: the farmer in the dell this is the order of the animals in jan brett's version of the book: a mole is the first to discover the mitten and crawls inside. The mitten: story sequencing & flannel board cards, After reading the book, the mitten, by jan brett, use these animal cards to teach your pre-k kids vocabulary, recall, and story sequencing. the cards can also be used.

Jan brett' draw main page, How draw videos: jan brett books: draw mermaid mermaid youtube, windows, quicktime versions. 30 activities, crafts, printables mitten , A collection 30+ activities, crafts, printables book mitten jan brett.. Language arts activities mitten jan brett, Use language arts activities ' mitten' jan brett part grade unit ' mitten' jan brett' books. students .