The incredible hulk: powers abilities, Hulk's powers/abilities. return to main page. we all know that the hulk could take superman and thor with his hands tied behind his back.. Hulk | marvel cinematic universe wiki | fandom powered , Bruce banner hulk the incredible hulk david b mr. green the green guy the big green dude the american the target the green one the pioneer in gamma radiation. Hulk (bruce banner) - marvel universe wiki: definitive, Childhood trauma . robert bruce banner was the son of an alcoholic who deeply hated him. banner's mother showed much affection for her child, who returned her love.

Marvel animation age presents: incredible hulk, Premiering fall 1996 upn, incredible hulk tells story marvel' jade giant! desperate race time, hulk' alter-ego, bruce banner, . The incredible hulk (2008) - rotten tomatoes, Mild-mannered scientist bruce banner traveling globe search antidote break free primal alter ego, . Red hulk - marvel universe wiki: definitive online, Red hulk handpick teammates point time stream assist battle opposing team put elder, grandmaster.