Telling time english vocabulary, There are two common ways of telling the time. 1) say the hour first and then the minutes. (hour + minutes) 6:25 - it's six twenty-five; 8:05 - it's eight o-five (the. Http://www.ictgames./hickory4.html, . Telling time - studyspanish., Por la mañana in the morning (no specific time) de la mañana in the morning (specific time) por la tarde in the afternoon (no specific time) de la tarde.

Telling time games - fun online educational games kids, Online education games teaching learning telling time. fun interactive practice students kindergarten, grade grade. includes practice. 5 quick steps telling time spanish - thoughtco, You time spanish count 29 learn handful words. basic telling time spanish singular form ser (" . Interactive teaching clock digital,analogue,telling time, Visnos interactive clock, teaches telling time, angles shown protractor measure . teach fractions.