Observing | stargazing guides, astronomy podcasts & , Find all the stargazing resources you need for observing the sky tonight - star charts, daily calendars of celestial events, and astronomy podcasts.. Eyes sky > star charts > spring constellations, A note about latitude: these sky charts assume an observer at 40 degrees north latitude; much of the world's population lives within 20 degrees or so of 40 degrees. Glossary exploration terms - enchantedlearning., Mercator projection a mercator projection is a type of map in which the true compass direction are kept intact (lines of latitude and longitude intersect at right.

Planetarium - interactive star map virtual sky, A browser-based virtual planetarium stars planets, customizable location time.. https://neave.com/planetarium/ Star wheel - astronomy hands, When northern hemisphere southern hemisphere star wheels, careful correct wheel pocket.. http://www.astronomyinyourhands.com/starwheel/starwheel.html Starmap: astronomy app, Starmap, astronomy app iphone, ipad , watch appletv. http://www.star-map.fr/