Foraminotomy: pressure spinal nerves, A spine surgeon explains spinal nerve compression and how it may be treated by surgical decompression, a foraminotomy.. The spinal cord, spinal nerves, autonomic nervous, The spinal cord begins below the medulla and ends just above the small of the back at the conus medularis. the area within the vertebral column beyond the end of the. Neuroscience kids - explore nervous system, Information about the peripheral nervous system, including disorders..

List spinal nerves | livestrong., In order categorize spinal nerves, anatomists divide vertebral column distinct areas, referred cervical, thoracic, lumbar. Functions spinal nerves | livestrong., Thirty- pairs nerves exit spinal cord openings vertebral column. spinal nerves. main areas . Ix. neurology. 6. spinal nerves. gray, henry. 1918, The spinal nerves spring medulla spinalis, transmitted intervertebral foramina. number - pairs, grouped .