Olympians, Zeus (jupiter) supreme ruler of the gods and lord of the sky. the son of the titans, cronus and rhea, he was known to the romans as jupiter or jove.. Ares: god war, son zeus hera - mythagora., Ares and herakles. like ares, herakles was a son of zeus, but ares was the son of the goddess hera and thus fully divine and immortal. herakles was the son of a. Artemis - encyclopedia mythica - pantheon.org, The daughter of leto and zeus, and the twin of apollo. artemis is the goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals, and fertility (she became a goddess of.

Mythnet - olympian gods - classics unveiled, Zeus. zeus (jupiter) overthrew father cronus supreme ruler gods. lord sky, rain god cloud gatherer.. http://www.classicsunveiled.com/mythnet/html/olympian.html Zeus | god war wiki | fandom powered wikia, Zeus (greek: Ζεύς) youngest child titan king cronos, ascended . http://godofwar.wikia.com/wiki/Zeus Zeus family - theoi greek mythology, Zeus olympian king gods, god sky, weather, fate law. page expansive overview children zeus. majority . http://www.theoi.com/Olympios/ZeusFamily.html