Domestic-church.: saint profile: saint blaise, Saint profiles: a brief history of saint blaise, patron of sore throats, in three accounts, for young families (children 0-8), for practiced families (children 8-14), and experienced families (children 14-adult). by catherine fournier.. St. blaise, patron saint throat ailments poster print, Crossed candles, and utters an invocation, “through the intercession of saint blaise, bishop and martyr, may god deliver you from every disease of the throat and. St. blaise - catholic exchange, As a child, i remember having my throat blessed on the feast of st. blaise. i was never too sure who he was or why we did this. also, it seems like the practice has.

Crossed tiber: candlemas day, saint blaise, candles, Candlemas day, saint blaise, candles throats. candlemas, candles, throat blessings feast saint blaise. wonderful blessings feasts, church consecutive cold dark days dreary month february.. The real story church’ tradition blessing, Calling st. blaise throat ailments, , intercession st. blaise, bishop martyr, god deliver disease throat illness, father, son, holy spirit.. Liturgical year : prayers : book blessings: blessing , Catholic prayer: book blessings: blessing throats feast saint blaise.