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Keeping joneses: rusty nails, Rusty nails science fair project finally finished. woohoo!! variables salt water, regular tap water, orange juice,. http://keepingupwiththejones-s.blogspot.com/2011/01/rusty-nails.html Rusting nails student experiment research - finishing, Topic 18683 rusting nails student experiment research (2002) . ! 6th graders science fair project, rusting nails. research. https://www.finishing.com/186/83.shtml Science fair project: rusting nails, pennies, , People invited presentation prezi account; science fair project: transcript science fair project: rusting nails,. https://prezi.com/pkivqf6-0gxl/science-fair-project-the-rusting-of-nails-pennies-and-pap/