Mercury retrograde dates 2014 2015 | astrologer & life, Mercury retrograde dates 2014 and 2015--know when to move forward and when to wait with mercury retrograde tables for 2014.. Mercury retrograde december 2017 :: sher institute , I’ve noticed that many people, even those who do not use astrology, are aware of mercury retrograde. most regard it at worst, as a real problem and at best, an. Mercury retrograde, 2017 - red shaded days , The red shaded days are when mercury is retrograde in 2017, a retrograde planet is just the result of an optical illusion. relative from our point of view on earth.

2017 mercury retrograde calendar, When mercury retrograde, tend notice issues areas communication, interact surroundings neighborhood. 2015 mercury retrograde calendar, The mercury retrograde 2015 occurs sign aquarius (17 5" ) january 21 3:54 pm greenwich universal time, 10:54 eastern time 7:54 . Mercury retrograde zodiac signs - farmer' almanac, When mercury retrograde, influence depends 12 zodiac signs planet retrograde. expect..