Reindeer sales - reindeer farm, 0 we do not sell reindeer meat! we are sold out of reindeer for 2017. interested in purchasing reindeer?? please read the below information before you contact us.. Reindeer videos, photos facts - rangifer tarandus | arkive, Known as caribou in north america, the reindeer (rangifer tarandus) is a charismatic and hardy species that inhabits the northern. Antler - wikipedia, Capreolinae. reindeer (genus rangifer, whose sole member species r. tarandus comprises several distinctive subspecies of reindeer and caribou) use their antlers to.

Reindeer information, Reindeer family cervidae- means deer. case reindeer, males & females grow antlers, deciduous, solid antlers grow . 11 reindeer | mental floss, Beyond sled-pulling capabilities discrimination red noses, reindeer? 1. reindeer caribou . Top 10 funny christmas party game ideas, Hilarious christmas party game ideas add fun festivity holiday bash!.