Reindeer antlers: accessories | ebay, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer antlers and nose set for kids and adults. one size fits all. the plush reindeer antlers use a bendable head band with an elastic strap to fit on any size head.. Reindeer information, In the case of reindeer, males & females both grow antlers, that are deciduous, solid antlers which grow from permanent bases or pedicles on the frontal bones of the skull; genus-rangifer (reindeer and caribou), species-tarandus (reindeer). that’s the technical/scientific description.. 11 reindeer | mental floss, Since reindeer shed their antlers at different points of the year based on their sex and age, we know that santa’s reindeer probably aren't older males,.

Reindeer antlers | ebay, Find great deals ebay reindeer antlers reindeer antlers car. shop confidence.. Antler - wikipedia, Antlers extensions skull grown members deer family. true bone structures grow symmetrical pairs. exception caribou, antlers grow males. antlers function primarily objects sexual attraction weapons fights control harems.. Are santa' reindeer female? - snopes., Reindeer caribou deer (cervidae) males, females, calves produce antlers. substantial growth calf female antler obtained good nutrition. females grow small shovels (eye-guards), grown bulls..