Is santa real? ( scientific analysis) - youtube, …and other christmas mysteries answered with science! subscribe to it's okay to be smart: ↓ more info and sources below. Are santa' reindeer female? - thoughtco, Is it true that male reindeer lose their antlers by december, therefore all of santa's reindeer, including rudolph, must be female? description: viral factoid. Santa 'shrooms: real story "design, Santa and the ‘shrooms: the real story behind the “design” of christmas.

Reindeer - wikipedia, The reindeer (rangifer tarandus), caribou north america, species deer circumpolar distribution, native arctic, subarctic, tundra. Reindeer sleigh rides rovaniemi lapland santa, reindeer sleigh rides santa claus village rovaniemi lapland finland santa claus reindeer. Real letters santa | merry christmas, Read real letters santa years send letter santa year!.