What quadrilateral - helpingwithmath., Illustrated guidance on what quadrilateral shapes are what properties they have how they form a hierarchy with certain quadrilaterals being sub-categories of other.. Bbc - ks3 bitesize maths - 2d shapes : revision, page 2, A key stage 3 revision and recap resource for maths, covering 2d shapes and properties of quadrilaterals.. Intro quadrilateral (video) | shapes | khan academy, Learn the term quadrilateral as well as trapezoid, parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, and square..

Polygons - quadrilaterals - glance, A quadrilateral -sided polygon angles. kinds quadrilaterals. common types parallelogram, . http://www.math.com/school/subject3/lessons/S3U2L3GL.html Shape function magic - university colorado boulder, §18.2 directfabricationofshapefunctions §18.1. requirements chapter explains, series examples, isoparametric shape functions . https://www.colorado.edu/engineering/CAS/courses.d/IFEM.d/IFEM.Ch18.d/IFEM.Ch18.pdf Regular polygons - properties - math fun, Here regular polygons . properties. regular polygons? , work angles.. http://www.mathsisfun.com/geometry/regular-polygons.html