Protractor | definition protractor merriam-webster, Define protractor: a device that has the form of a half circle and that is used for drawing and measuring angles. Github - angular/protractor: e2e test framework , protractor . protractor is an end-to-end test framework for angular and angularjs applications. protractor is a node.js program built on top of webdriverjs. Protractor - staples . - office supplies, printer ink, Assorted colors: color chosen at randon; includes 6" protractor with sliding pointer, 8" shatter-resistant fold-up ruler, easy-grip plastic compass with pencil and.

Amazon.: protractor, Product features swing arm protractor rotates 180°, helps accurately draw measure. Protractor - -- testing angularjs, Toggle navigation. home; quick start . tutorial; protractor setup . setting protractor; setting selenium server. Using protractor - math fun - maths resources, Using protractor. protractor, helps measure angles ( degrees): protractors fun easy . animation (press play.