Profit loss - definition profit loss , Noun: 1. profit and loss - an account compiled at the end of an accounting period to show gross and net profit or loss. Profit loss account statement - analysis format, A company's profit and loss account details the sales, costs and profits in an accounting period and makes up accounts submitted for tax purposes.. Sap: tcodes balance sheet, trial balance, profit, Hi, i need to run the trial balance, balance sheet and profit & loss account for a given company code. i tried s_alr_87012249, s_alr_87012250, s_alr.

Profit loss statement (p&) - investopedia, What 'profit loss statement (p&)' profit loss statement (p&) financial statement summarizes revenues, costs expenses incurred. Transfer net profit capital account profit & loss, Details relating treatment net profit closing profit loss account transfer capital account profit loss account. Infosys profit & loss account, infosys financial statement, Get infosys latest profit & loss account, financial statements infosys detailed profit loss accounts..