Cut clock hands. laminate , Cut out the clock and hands. laminate them an have students come out to the front. students take the hands, place on the clocks and tell the time.better to enlarge. Make clock - school , Cut out the clock face and clock hands. make a clock looking at o’clock to make the clock say o’clock the long red clock hand has to point. This printable clock template - handwriting kids - math, Laminate your printout (optional). cut out the hour you can remove the second-hand. for more fun, have the child color or designed their own clock face before.

Clock craft - enchanted learning software, Clock craft. simple paper clock practice telling time. advertisement. print clock template. cut clock face hands.. 1. cut clock hands. 2. put hole , Cut clock hands. 2. put hole dots hands clock point pencil. 3.. Printable paper clock template | crafts ideas - pinterest, Printable paper clock template printable clock hand color coordinated print clock . color , cut attach .