Personification: examples literature bible, The figure of speech we are going to cover in this article is personification, which occurs when a thing is spoken of as if it were a person, or takes on. Alliteration dictionary definition | alliteration defined, Repetition of an initial sound, usually of a consonant or cluster, in two or more words of a phrase, line of poetry, etc. (ex.: “what a tale of terror now their. Metonymy - examples definition metonymy, Definition, usage and a list of metonymy examples in common speech and literature. it is a figure of speech that replaces the name of a thing with the name of.

These incredible examples personification soothe, One basic figures speech, personification easy understand. personification examples understand figure speech. Personification - examples definition personification, Definition, usage list personification examples common speech literature. personification figure speech , idea animal. Personification examples definition - literary devices, Definition list examples personification. personification projection human qualities nonhuman ..