Earth scientist' periodic table, Nontraditional periodic table organized by charge. designed to show trends in the natural sciences of geochemistry, mineralogy, and aqueous chemistry.. Electron configurations & periodic table, The periodic table shown here is severely truncated. there are, of course, over eighty other elements. a complete periodic table, having very useful interactive links. Atomic ionic radii (video) | khan academy, Explaining group and period trends in atomic and ionic radii..

A tour periodic table - youtube, Periodic table elements explained - metals, nonmetals, valence electrons, charges - duration: 31:22. organic chemistry tutor 18,904 views. Valence electrons periodic table - youtube, Valence electrons periodic table, core electrons, basic introduction, chemistry - duration: 11:33. organic chemistry tutor 1,170 views. Periodic table elements - thoughtco, Periodic table elements. learn chemical physical properties elements periodic table resources..