Observing | stargazing guides, astronomy podcasts & , Find all the stargazing resources you need for observing the sky tonight - star charts, daily calendars of celestial events, and astronomy podcasts.. Constellations night sky: famous star patterns, Aries, the "ram," is a mid-size constellation in the northern hemisphere. [see our reference page about the constellation of aries.]. Guide night sky basic astronomy – minute, Astronomy and stargazing articles, videos, maps, and resources to help you learn the night sky and select binoculars and telescopes for astronomy..

Planetarium - interactive star map virtual sky, A browser-based virtual planetarium stars planets, customizable location time.. https://neave.com/planetarium/ Night sky: visible planets, moon phases & events, Find ' night sky september 2017 space. stargazing guide.. https://www.space.com/16149-night-sky.html Sky map september 2017 - astronomy news uk, night sky, Ian morison jodrell bank centre astrophysics tells night sky month. northern hemisphere. ian morison tells . http://www.astronomy.co.uk/skymap