Chinese year crossword puzzle, across 2. he is credited with naming the years of the chinese after animals. 4. plant that brings happiness, wealth and. New year puzzles, games trivia - spruce, And, for easy crossword puzzles designed with children in mind, see our page on new year crossword puzzles for kids for entertaining word games suitable for younger. Name date happy year directions: complete , Happy new year directions: complete the crossword by filling in a word that fits each clue. on new year’s day, 2. _____ is the first month in the year. 4..

New year' ___ - crossword puzzle clue, Clue: year' ___ year' ___ crossword puzzle clue spotted 20 times. related clues (shown ).. New year - crossword puzzle, This crossword puzzle, “ year,” created crossword hobbyist puzzle maker.. New year' day crossword puzzles - crossword hobbyist, These crossword puzzles year' day created crossword hobbyist’ easy-- crossword puzzle maker..'s-Day