Educational software - maps, learn read , Online interactive maps of the us states and capitals and each continent. maps of the us states and capitals, each continent, mexico, china, india, and. Progressively tougher world capitals quiz - sporcle, Can you name the capital cities of these countries, from most- to least-commonly known?. Wikidata query service, Simple queries: cats: p31|q146: select ?item ?itemlabel where { ?item wdt:p31 wd:q146. service wikibase:label { bd:serviceparam wikibase:language "[auto_language],en"..

States union territories india - wikipedia, India federal union comprising twenty- states union territories, total 36 state union territories. states union territories. 30 60: world capitals quiz - sporcle – world’, Can pick capital 30 countries 60 seconds?. List indian states union territories - states india, * map showing states union territories state capitals india. disclaimer.