Univ michigan - gross anatomy - muscles upper limb, Muscles of the upper limb - listed alphabetically; muscle origin insertion action innervation artery notes image; abductor digiti minimi (hand) pisiform: base of the. Sartorius muscle: hip, upper thigh knee pain - , The sartorius muscle contributes to burning tingling pain at the top of the thigh that wraps around the front of the thigh to the inside of the knee.. Rula - rapid upper limb assessment, Rula - rapid upper limb assessment upper arm right select the image that most reflects your working position:-.

Upper limb electrical stimulation exercises. p taylor, , Salisbury fes newsletter jan 2002 3 upper limb fes applications hemiplegia shoulder subluxation subluxation occurs muscle tone shoulder reduced. http://www.salisburyfes.com/pdfs/upper%20limb.PDF Upper limb treatment schedule booklet, For : therapists hands triceps muscle facilitate elbow extension (patient sitting supine) weight bearing upper limb elbow. http://www.acpin.net/archive/Resources/Upper%20Limb%20Treatment%20Schedule%20Booklet.pdf Arteries upper limb - teachmeanatomy, The arterial supply upper limb begins chest subclavian artery. subclavian artery arises brachiocephalic trunk, left. http://teachmeanatomy.info/upper-limb/vessels/arteries/