Greater , , equal - worksheet 1, Topic: greater than, less than, equal to- worksheet 4 answers use one of the following symbols to compare the numbers: larger >, smaller <, or equal =. Kindergarten comparison worksheets, Comparison worksheets. greater than, less than, or equal worksheet 2 - all of these sets have a horizontal orientation to change the perspective a bit for you.. Greater worksheets - math-aids., These greater than less than worksheets will generate worksheets for comparing integers, fractions, decimals, coins, and shapes..

Greater lesser equal worksheets, activity sheets , Your kindergarten pre-school child introduced world greater , lesser , , equal . More, , equal: practice comparing numbers, Looking math challenge kindergartener? counting worksheet great introduce basic inequalities number comparison.. More / worksheets - k5 learning, More / worksheets preschool kindergarten. preschool kindergarten math worksheets include numbers counting, patterns.