Metric size comparisons charts. - gemoptions, Graduated mm to decimal inch chart. there are 25.4 millimeters in one inch. the metric scale ranges from 0 to 25.4 mm. the inch scale is in decimal inches.. Metric conversion charts - stevens global, Metric conversion charts english to metric standards to convert into multiply by lengths inches mm 25.4 inches cm 2.54 inches meters 0.0254. Metric standard conversion chart () - math salamanders, Here is our metric to standard conversion chart for converting metric measures to standard us measures. these math conversion tables are free to download or print out..

Beading 101 - reference chart - millimeter size chart, Use "millimeter size chart" reference charts : mm size chart : beads : click print icon download / print reference charts!. Fraction metric conversion chart | wood database, Fraction metric conversion chart. print chart , inches. decimal. mm. 1. Metric conversion chart - free technical charts, Metric conversion chart metric metric multiply multiply length length inches 2.54 centimeters millimeters 0.04.