Military time conversion chart - navycs, Military time conversion. the united states military uses a 24 hour clock to save confusion, there is not two "four o'clocks" in the military as there is with civilian time. for instance, the civilian 4:00am is equal to 0400 military, and 4:00pm is equal to 1600.. Military time conversion chart - 24 hour clock conversion, Military time conversion table, 24 hour clock conversion table. Army time converter - easy covert military, Easy way to covert your military time with the army time converter. no problem, it's fairly simple to understand via our military time chart..

Military time chart - simple tool conversion, A military time chart designed offer easy method finding link standard time measurement military time ( standard 12-hour time system military’ 24-hour time system).. Military time chart, Courtesy www.militarytime. military time chart 12 hour -pm clock 24 hour military time 12:00 midnight 0000 1:00 0100 2:00 0200. Military time chart, Military time chart midnight (12:00 ) -- 0000 hrs 1:00 -- 0100 hrs 2:00 -- 0200 hrs 3:00 -- 0300 hrs 4:00 -- 0400 hrs.