Fraction metric conversion chart | wood database, Very nice chart! good stuff! i faced the fractions converting need recently and using similar charts i programmed the fraction calculator! might be very useful for users:. Centimeters inches conversion calculator table, Centimeters to inches conversion table and calculator for convenient volume conversions. Metric - /imperial conversion charts - maths resources, Example 2: convert 500 millimeters to feet: 500 mm x 0.03937 = 19.7 inches, and there are 12 inches in a foot, so . 19.7/12 = 1.64 feet (or 1 foot and 7.7 inches).

Kilograms pounds conversion chart - metric conversion table, Metric conversion tables common measurement conversions pdf download printing.. Conversion chart - inches mm - engineering toolbox, Convert fractional / decimal inches metric mm - vice versa. Tire size conversion chart - metric inches - rim, Tire size conversion chart - metric inches - rim/wheel diameter displays metric tire sizes metric size shows equivalent tire size..