Tap drill chart: metric & imperial size [ , If you just want a simple tap drill chart in metric and imperial sizes, or a pdf you can print and post in your workshop, scroll on down. but, before you do, wouldn. Diameter / decimal / metric chart small diameters, Diameter / decimal / metric chart for small diameters gauge or diameter decimal (in) mm no. 0000 0.021 .53 no. 000 0.034 .86 no. 00 0.047 1.19. 5 thread size comparison chart 2-4-10, A&e brand & thread construction finish bt- bonded sst – soft & stretch stx – not stretched tex size yarn construc-tion metric size dtex old tkt size.

Metric sti thredfloer hole size chart | balax | forming, Balax | forming taps, cutting taps, thread gages. home; . 21st century tapping; multimedia; product search. thredfloer taps. http://www.balax.com/catalog/technical-information/metric-sti-thredfloer-hole-size-chart Sae metric sae metric plug thread & seat cast iron heads, Torque specifications 10mm gasket seat 12mm gasket seat note: spark plugs installed clean dry threads avoid -torqueing.. http://www.autolite.com/media/11853/torquespecs.pdf Pitch chart: imperial metric tap drill chart: imperial metric, Thread pitch chart: imperial & metric diam. () unc unf 8‐ diam. (mm) coarse fine fine (2/3/4) #0 80 1 0.25. http://www.gloverstp.com/reglover/documents/GloverThreadPitchChart.pdf