Metric prefix scientific notation table - scte, Metric prefix and scientific notation table table 4a – metric prefix scientific notation prefix symbol multiplier exponential normalized e notation. Metric conversion table charts - laptop screws, Laptop and metric machine screws in m2, m2.5, m3 and up. m3x4 hard drive screws. check out our sale!! don't know what size you need? don't worry, we can help!. Imperial/metric conversion table - bolt nut supply, Imperial/metric conversion table fractionsdecimals mm fractionsdecimals mm fractionsdecimals mm 1/640.015625 0.396823/640.359375 9.127911/160.68750017.46210.

Metric conversion charts calculators, Metric conversion calculators, tables formulas temperature, length, area, volume weight metric conversions.. Free table decimal metric conversion, A free table showing decimal metric conversion metric screws & torx metric screws.. Metric conversion table - :: st. kitts & nevis custom, Conversion table measures capacity 10 millilitres = 1 centilitre = .0179 pint 10 decilitres = 1 litre = .8799 quart 10 litres = 1 dekalitre = 2.