Mars retrograde 2016 risky business – astrology king, Mars retrograde 2016 starts on april 17 at 9° sagittarius and stations direct on june 29 at 23° scorpio. i will talk about each phase of mars retrograde 2016. Venus retrograde 2017 : lynn koiner - astrological, How to constructively use the venus retrograde period? from march 6 through april 15 2017, the planet venus will be retrograde. the retrograde motion of an inner. Mars retrograde april 17th june 29th 2016, “the term ‘station retrograde’ refers to when a planetary body appears — from our vantage point on earth — to slow down, stop and reverse direction.

Mercury retrograde - darkstar astrology, Mercury retrograde lasts aug 13 sep 5. mercury retrograde triggers fixed star regulus eclipse degree. mercury put lions ?. Mercury retrograde 2017 crises lunations : lynn, Mercury retrograde note: started iaa mercury retrograde. due storms area area students, classes canceled. Mercury retrograde | cafe astrology ., Cafe astrology: meaning mercury retrograde, storm, shadow cancer, june july 2013..