2016 retrograde calendar - artcharts daily astrology, 2015, 2014, retrograde, astrology, calendar chiron: june 27, 2016: december 1, 2016: uranus: july 29, 2016: december 29, 2016. Mercury retrograde – survive, , Mercury stations and turns retrograde on august 12th, 2017. the current mercury retrograde cycle is closely linked to the solar eclipse in leo on august 21st.. Mercury retrograde houses – lua astrology, Hi s thanks for your question. mercury stationed retrograde at 12.33 leo and will backtrack to 1.26 leo. check to see if you have any planets or points in the signs.

Mercury retrograde - www.alphalifetrends., Information astrology, numerology, mercury retrograde, mercury retrograde influence, mercury retrograde phenomena, contact www.alphalifetrends.. http://www.alphalifetrends.com/mercuryretrograde.html How survive mercury retrograde! - gala darling, Oh, mercury retrograde. , . arrived collective doorsteps messy glory. dreaded regular house-guest. . http://galadarling.com/article/how-to-survive-mercury-retrograde/ Mercury retrograde zodiac signs - farmer' almanac, What zodiac sign dates mercury retrograde, farmer' almanac. https://www.almanac.com/content/mercury-retrograde-and-zodiac-signs