The menstrual cycle - netdoctor, During a menstrual period, a woman bleeds from her uterus (womb) via the vagina. this lasts anything from three to seven days.. Menstrual cycle: ' normal, ' - mayo clinic, Menstrual cycle — find out how to identify problems with your menstrual cycle.. Menstrual cycles: 28 days?!, Menstrual cycles: what really happens in those 28 days?! have you ever wondered about the connection between your body's 28 day cycle and the cycle.

The menstrual cycle | - office women', Day 1 starts day period. occurs hormone levels drop previous cycle, signaling blood tissues lining uterus. Wisdom menstrual cycle | christiane northrup, .., The menstrual cycle basic, earthy cycle . blood connection archetypal feminine. macrocosmic cycles nature, waxing . Menstruation: menstrual cycle, long periods , Menstruation mystery. learn webmd puberty starting period..