Esophagus - wikipedia, Structure. the esophagus is one of the upper parts of the digestive system. there are taste buds on its upper part. it begins at the back of the mouth, passing. Spinal anatomy | vertebral column - pain, neck pain, Get an expert-written spinal anatomy lesson on the vertebral column (your spine) by reading this article.. Trachea (windpipe) definition, anatomy, function, diagram, What is the trachea (windpipe) definition, what cavity is it located in, anatomy (cartilage, bifurcation, carina), what does it do (functions), pictures.

Nerves abdomen, pelvis - innerbody, The nervous system abdomen, , pelvis important nerve conduits service region body limbs. . Human - wikipedia, The human large posterior area human body, rising top buttocks neck shoulders. surface . Anatomy heart - texas heart institute heart, Pictures human heart showing chambers, valves, conduction system circulatory system..