Mechanism dictionary definition | mechanism defined, The definition of a mechanism is a machine or tool that redirects motion. types of mechanisms. wheel - effective at changing circular motion into linear motion.. Rotary positioners - motion control systems - complete, Rotary positioners parker hannifin corporation electromechanical automation division 118 irwin, pennsylvania combination linear/rotary positioner. Motion platform 2 - bff simulation, Home built diy 3 dof flight simulator motion platform 2..

A newly developed -gravity vertical motion mechanism, Fig. 1 shows proposed concept gravity compensation mechanism -gravity vertical motion. mechanism consists moving stage, counterweight . Design 2-degrees--freedom (dof) planar translational, Another kind linear motion element commonly practical applications scissor- element (sle), extend shorten . Screw (simple machine) - wikipedia, A screw mechanism converts rotational motion linear motion, torque (rotational force) linear force. classical simple machines.