Special krispy kreme ‘eclipse’ doughnuts sale , Customers can stop by participating shops during “hot light” hours on saturday and sunday for an early taste of the special chocolate-covered doughnuts.. You dozen krispy kreme doughnuts 80 cents, You just got more to look forward to this weekend. krispy kreme will offer a dozen regular glazed doughnuts this friday, july 14, for only 80 cents, when you buy any. Krispy kreme unleashes reese' peanut butter doughnut, Attention, reese's peanut butter cup lovers. krispy kreme has a new doughnut for you..

Krispy kreme | solar eclipse chocolate doughnuts, Krispy kreme celebrating solar eclipse weekend (8/19-8/21) buy making original glazed doughnuts chocolate, yum!. http://www.southernsavers.com/krispy-kreme-solar-eclipse-chocolate-doughnuts/ Krispy kreme doughnuts flips hot light oct. 10 , Evergreen park, il - 100 people line krispy kreme' oct. 10 grand opening evergreen park receive dozen doughnuts month year.. https://patch.com/illinois/evergreenpark/krispy-kreme-doughnuts-flip-hot-light-evergreen-park-oct-10 Krispy kreme unveils reese' peanut butter doughnut, North carolina-based krispy kreme teamed hershey' offer special treat.. http://abc11.com/food/krispy-kreme-unveils-reeses-peanut-butter-doughnut/2269367/