Converting julian dates gregorian calendar dates, Provides formula and examples to convert between julian and gregorian calendar dates. fortran code for conversion also given.. Calendar converter, The gregorian calendar was proclaimed by pope gregory xiii and took effect in most catholic states in 1582, in which october 4, 1582 of the julian calendar was. Easter 2015 - calendar-12., Easter in 2015 is on sunday, april 5 (first sunday of april). check also the date of easter in 2018 and in the following years..

Julian date laep year calendar, Julian date leap year calendar. page previously labeled "julian date calendar". actuality, -accurate. listing day . Julian day - wikipedia, Terminology. term julian date refer, astronomy, day--year number ( properly, ordinal date) gregorian calendar. Change julian calendar gregorian calendar, Nova scotia. nova scotia, french catholic control, gregorian calendar 1605 oct. 13, 1710 reverted julian calendar, .