Perpetual calendar - virtual calendar | vp calendar, Perpetual calendar provides dates by year of all major holidays in the us and canada including jewish, chinese, christian holidays.. Calendar year - hci data, Display a calendar for any year from 1ad to 9999ad - including 1752 when great britain adopted the gregorian calendar. Definitions year | calendars, What is the dominical letter? each ordinary (non-leap) year is assigned a letter in the range a to g which describes what days of the year are sundays..

Year 2008 calendar – united states - time date, United states 2008 – calendar american holidays. yearly calendar showing months year 2008. calendars – online print friendly – year . Leap year - wikipedia, A leap year ( intercalary year bissextile year) calendar year additional day (, case lunisolar calendars, month. Julian day - wikipedia, Terminology. term julian date refer, astronomy, day--year number ( properly, ordinal date) gregorian calendar.