Western-chinese calendar converter, The page also includes a converter between the day in the julian period and the gregorian and julian calendars. for more information on what this means, please see my. Abdicate - jewish calendar, gergorian calendar, julian, * except for the jewish calendar, years before christ (bc) are entered with a minus sign, such as -500. ** to subtract from the sdn use a minus sign like this. Calendar converter - muslim philosophy, Philosophia islamica. conversion of hijri a.h. (islamic) and a. d. christian (gregorian) dates. century year month day month day year; gregorian.

Converting julian gregorian calendar step, When country switched civil calendar today gregorian countries switched julian calendar gregorian calendar . http://www.stevemorse.org/jcal/julian.html Simple julian gregorian calendar converter, These simple conversation calendar date ( gregorian) julian date.. http://www.csgnetwork.com/juliangregcalconv.html Calendar converter – converts calendars, Calendar converter © 2017 . rights reserved. theme suri. http://www.calendar-converter.com/