Ethiopian – calendar converter, About the ethiopian calendar. the ethiopian calendar , also called the ge’ez calendar, is the principal calendar used in ethiopia and also serves as the liturgical. Calendar converter -, Calendar converter modified version of fourmilab's calendar converter - can be downloaded to use offline (see instructions) n.b.: start date = 4. Midrash ben ish hai hebrew calendar converter, Midrash ben ish hai hebrew calendar converter. convert to and from the jewish hebrew, gregorian and julian calendars. calculate jewish dates..

Calendar converter - fourmilab, The gregorian calendar proclaimed pope gregory xiii effect catholic states 1582, october 4, 1582 julian calendar . The julian calendar - time date, The julian calendar reformed ancient roman calendar consists cycles 365-day years 366-day leap year. introduced named . Western-chinese calendar converter, The page includes converter day julian period gregorian julian calendars. information means, .