Jquery mobile, Jquery mobile is a html5 based user interface system designed to make responsive web sites and apps that are accessible in the vast majority of smartphone, tablet and. Jquery highcharttable plugin, Jquery plugin to transform html tables into nice highcharts graphs. Official jquery blog | wave javascript, Jquery: the write less, do more, javascript library.

Jqplot charts graphs jquery, Plotting charting plugin jquery javascript framework. produces line, bar pie charts features.. http://www.jqplot.com/ Jquery api documentation, Create jquery object elements added set matched elements.. http://api.jquery.com/ Flot chart types - jquery flot tutorial, Flot supports variety chart types,line chart、bar chart、area chart、stacked chart pie chart commonly , shows charts metioned. http://www.jqueryflottutorial.com/jquery-flot-chart-types.html