Photo periodic table posters, cards, books, Specail offer! nearly ten years in the making, my trilogy of books—the elements, molecules, and reactions—are together the ultimate gift for anyone who is curious. Chemistry glossary - shodor, A basic chemistry glossary suitable for incoming freshman chemistry students.. Electron - wikipedia, The electron is a subatomic particle, symbol e − or β −, whose electric charge is negative one elementary charge. electrons belong to the first generation of the.

What' ion? - youtube, To chemistry videos, check confused ions? learn difference atom ion. ions. Formulas nomenclature ionic covalent compounds, * note nitrogen follow pattern (.., nitrate, 3-) nonmetals form series polyatomic ions oxygen ( charge. Chem4kids.: hydrogen: general facts everyday , Chem4kids.! hydrogen discovery, atomic structure, location information. tutorials - elements periodic table..